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Lee Adjustment Center, Kentucky Inmate Search

Lee Adjustment Center, Kentucky Inmate Search

The Lee Adjustment Center is a jail facility located at 168 Lee Adjustment Center Drive in Kentucky. It is a medium-security facility that houses inmates from various regions in Kentucky. Currently, the facility has a maximum capacity of 816 inmates, with 560 inmates currently being housed.

The Lee Adjustment Center serves as a correctional institution for individuals who have been convicted of crimes in the surrounding counties and cities. While specific police departments or counties are not listed, the facility receives inmates from broader regions within Kentucky.



How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Lee Adjustment Center, Kentucky?

To find out if someone is in the Lee Adjustment Center, you can access jail records. These records provide information about the inmates currently housed in the facility. For more information on how to access these records, you can visit the official website of the Lee Adjustment Center at http://www.corecivic.com/facilities/lee-adjustment-center. Alternatively, you can contact the Lee Adjustment Center directly at (606) 464-2866.

Inmates' records in Lee Adjustment Center include details such as their personal information, charges, and booking dates. These records are maintained to ensure transparency and accountability within the correctional system.

How many inmates are in Lee Adjustment Center

Currently, there are 560 inmates in the Lee Adjustment Center. This number represents approximately 68.63% of the facility's maximum capacity of 816 inmates.

About the Lee Adjustment Center

The Lee Adjustment Center is a correctional facility that can house up to 816 inmates at a time. Presently, it accommodates 560 inmates, which accounts for 4.89% of the total inmate population in Lee County.

The facility plays a crucial role in the correctional system, providing a secure environment for individuals who have been convicted of crimes. With its maximum capacity and current inmate population, the Lee Adjustment Center contributes significantly to the management and rehabilitation of offenders in the region.

Inmate Visitation in Lee Adjustment Center

Visiting an inmate at the Lee Adjustment Center requires meeting certain requirements. Visitors must adhere to the facility's guidelines and rules to ensure a safe and orderly visitation process. To find out specific visitation hours and guidelines, you can search for information on prisoner visitation at the Lee Adjustment Center.

Visitors are required to follow rules such as proper identification, dress code, and behavior during the visit. These rules are in place to maintain security and ensure the well-being of both inmates and visitors. For more information on visitation rules and guidelines, you can visit http://www.corecivic.com/facilities/lee-adjustment-center.

How to Send Money to An Inmate in Lee Adjustment Center, Kentucky

Sending money to an inmate at the Lee Adjustment Center is possible through various methods. One option is to send money online by following the instructions provided on the facility's official website at http://www.cca.com/locations. Alternatively, you can send money by mail to the following address: 168 Lee Adjustment Center Drive, Kentucky 41311.

Ensuring that inmates have access to funds can contribute to their well-being and enable them to purchase necessary items within the facility's guidelines. It is important to follow the specified procedures and guidelines when sending money to an inmate.

What is the official website of Lee Adjustment Center in Kentucky?

The official website of the Lee Adjustment Center in Kentucky is http://www.corecivic.com/facilities/lee-adjustment-center.

What is the phone number of Lee Adjustment Center in Kentucky?

The phone number for the Lee Adjustment Center in Kentucky is (606) 464-2866.


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